Body To Head Hair Transplant

In any hair transplant procedure normally scalp hair are used for transplant. But in many cases the patients do not have a good donor area to serve the purpose. In such cases, we can use hair from the body e.g. transplant beard to head.

About Body To Head Hair Transplant

Hair from Shoulders, Abdomen, Legs, Arms, Underarm or Pubic area can also be you. Though there is always some difference in texture & thickness of the hair taken from other parts but it actually gives distinct advantage in many cases like:

Limited donor area on scalp looking for covering the complete area. Achieving higher density

Body hair transplant is generally done through FUE procedure that leaves no linear scar at the end of the surgery. Beard is most suitable as its hair matches exactly with the scalp hair and also because hair from the beard is considered good and permanent.