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Advantages of ImplanterPen:

  • Adequate graft survival rates.
  • Decreased bleeding during recipient site creation.
  • Reduced trauma during graft handling.
  • Decreases time of surgery (with an experienced Choi Implanter team) due to the combination of graft site creation/implantation.


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The Classical Method :With the classical method holes are made in the skin on the scalp using a knife or needle (lateral slit). The roots are placed into the holes (channels) using a special tweezer. In order for the roots to be placed in the scalp, large holes must be opened. This method can cause an unpleasant view which can be seen from nearby as well as leave scarring known as scar tissue. This causes for an unnatural appearance and makes it obvious that a hair transplant has taken place. Therefore, in TransHair we use the advanced technology of the Implanter Pen Technique which allows for natural results.

Advantages of the Implanter Pen Technique

1. Since the end of the pen is thin hair implants can be done closer together.
2. The hair planted with the pen can easily be given direction at different angles which allows for a more natural appearance.
3. Channels do not need to be opened which is a benefit because existing hair does not get damaged.
4. Since there are no need for channels to be opened, the area of implantation bleeds less, heals quicker and does not leave a scar.
5. There is no need to cut the hair in the area of implantation.
6. There is a higher survival rate for the tissue.
7. There is less damage during the root transfer.
8. Helps maintain maximum tightness and natural appearance.

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TransHair ,is quite similar ,except in involves using a special implanter pen to simultaneously one the micro channels and directly insert the extracted graphs .

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our expertise in hair transplant can help you regain your self confidence and attain a youthful natural looking appearance

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Bothe of these methods are very precise ,painless and leave no scars

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Our dedicated and experienced hair loss restoration team will work hard to make sure you are well taken care of from your initial consultation until well after your ...

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