If you too have these questions and are looking for solutions that can stop your hair fall and grow hair naturally, you’re on the right page!

Hair loss often is a result of different causes like heredity, anaemia, nutritional deficiencies, stress and medical problems like thyroid disorder, diabetes mellitus and polycystic ovarian syndrome (in females). The selection of hair loss treatment should be therefore based on diagnosing the root cause of it, extent of hair fall, and condition of the hair and scalp.

Also, hair loss not only affects our appearance, but also ‘hurts’ our pride and affects our psyche. Hair loss is strongly linked with depression and can be an early sign of a heart disease.

Amongst various conventional treatments available for hair loss, the most widely used are oral medications and steroid injections. But did you know that these solutions come with a lot of problems?

Anti-hair fall medicines may result in side-effects like irritation of scalp and dandruff. Anti-androgen treatment that is often suggested for hair loss may result in low sex drive, breast formation in males, prostate cancer and foetal malformations. Also, overuse of vitamins and mineral supplements can cause hypervitaminosis leading to hives and increased toxicity in the body.

The recurrence rate of patchy hair loss (alopecia areata) was as low as just 9.1% in patients treated with homeopathy, whereas it was very high at the rate of 50% in patients availing conventional treatment. This is as per a research conducted and recorded in the book by Dr. Akshay Batra – Hair – Everything you ever wanted to know.

Why Dr Batra’s™ for hair fall treatment?
At Dr Batra’s™, we provide a holistic hair loss treatment that goes to the root of the problem. Our hair specialists recommend natural and safe medicines to treat hair loss. They also advise on advanced treatments to control hair fall for better and long-lasting results.

Medical Assessment
In the first consultation, the doctor spends 45 minutes understanding the extent and root cause of the hair loss.

Scientfic Analysis
Treatment Advice
We have instant to long-lasting solutions for hair fall treatments provided at Dr Batra’s™ that are scientifically proven and internationally recognized.

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